From the Desk of Jean Moran - Thank You

Jean Moran, CEO of LMI Packaging Solutions, Retirement Letter of Gratitude

With the retirement of any inspirational business leader and community member, a certain outpouring of messages is to be expected. It was certainly no different when Jean Moran announced her retirement as CEO of LMI Packaging Solutions. Every employee, customer, partner, and community member that has had an opportunity to work with Jean in any capacity can share at least one example of her unique warmth and genuine passion for all that she does. In light of this, the LMI team wanted to share this letter from Jean with all of those who have made her work and time memorable.


Please enjoy this letter from Jean, as she wants each and every one of our employees, customers, partners, and friends to know how much she values your commitment to LMI Packaging Solutions and our continued commitment to you.

Dear Family, Friends, and Partners,

I am writing to you personally, and professionally, let you know that effective May 1st, 2017, I will be stepping down as the CEO of LMI Packaging. Please notice I did not use the world “retiring” as that would imply a more sedentary life than I have in mind.

I so value the many people I have encountered in my years leading this company. I see each of you as an integral part of a single whole that has made possible the success of the enterprise my father started 50 years ago.

I started working in my father’s company back in 1979 when it was still known as “Label Makers” and located in Illinois. At that time, much was being made about the challenges women faced when trying to make their way in a male-dominated workplace. In that environment, my being a curiosity caused doors to open easier, and I was welcomed and mentored by many. Over time, trust was built, and LMI Packaging has since been honored with the opportunity to share in many of your successes.

We have witnessed remarkable changes in our industry. Advances in technology and food safety have impacted every business consideration from capabilities to pricing. We are proud to have helped shape this landscape, and along the way have tried to maintain a work environment that is compassionate and empowering to its employees, while remaining relentless in its service to customers. It is my sincere hope that however our paths have crossed, you have been left with a keen sense of that commitment.

As I step aside, the continuity of ownership and family values will remain. My three children will retain ownership and my son, JP Moran, will move into the role of President after having served as General Manager for the past 3 years. JP is a strong leader. He has a keen focus on performance measures and will make certain LMI Packaging stays on target in this very competitive industry. Even more importantly, he and his siblings stand on the shoulders of those who came before them, knowing that no one achieves success by themselves. It takes a team of respected, motivated, and engaged partners. It is in their blood to carry on this tradition.

As for me, I will continue as Chairman of the Board for TheChet, the holding company of LMI Packaging. I will also be deeply committed to community work in Kenosha County, in particular, to “Building Our Future,” an effort dedicated to connecting all sectors of the community to help ensure the cradle to career success of all its children. My race is not yet run.

It is my sincerest hope that in your affiliation with myself, and with LMI Packaging, your life has been touched in a positive way. I can assure you that you have impacted mine through your relationship with this company and my LMI Packaging family. My most sincere thank you is offered to each one of you.

My advice to friends, family, and employees has long been to “Find your Genius!” That is my wish for each of you, that you might find that in yourself, and embrace it; living into it each day.

Many sincere thanks,