LMI Packaging Achieves Excellent Rating for Unannounced SQF Audit

SQF Logo Seal

LMI Packaging Solutions is proud to be a SQF Certified manufacturer in both the food safety and quality code. We are pleased to announce that we have once again passed the 2018 SQF audit with an Excellent score rating.


The new SQF code edition 8 has become effective as of January 02, 2018. As part of this revision, the option has been given to food packaging manufacturing facilities to have unannounced audits every year. We decided to volunteer for this challenge to fulfill one of our Quality objectives of being audit ready every day of the year. We passed our audit, getting a rating of Excellent, meaning that we were rated with one of the highest ratings possible. This demonstrates our excellent level of compliance with the SQF code. The SQF auditor in particular noted to our Senior Management team that our food packaging facility was very clean and that we had a great running operation.

Our team recognizes the importance of our SQF Certification as a world recognized quality and safety standard that we work to maintain year after year. Our diligent efforts to maintain this level of certification is proof of the consistent and measured approach all members of our team take in ensuring that LMI customers are purchasing products that meet the highest quality and food safety standards.

To our dedicated employees, we thank you for your continued commitment to our quality. To our customers and partners, it is our pleasure to provide you with the highest quality and service.