LMI Receives a Positive IMS Audit Rating

LMI Packaging Solutions Quality Management team completes the Interstate Milk Shippers audit with success

The Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS) Program is a cooperative program between the Federal and State governments that provides dairy producers a verified list of packaging suppliers that meet the quality and sanitation standards of various regulatory programs. At LMI, we work year after year to maintain our inclusion on this list for the benefit of our customers and partners.


We are excited to share that the preliminary results for the 2017 audit have been confirmed as a pass rating, making sure LMI Packaging Solutions remains on the list of IMS-approved companies and continue supplying single serve lidding, or "closures" to our yogurt and dairy customers. As a longtime supplier to the dairy industry, we understand the value of applying the quality assurance controls that are expected of our yogurt and dairy customers. The manufacturing and handling of packaging materials requires a high standard of care in order to make sure that the products are free from any toxic materials that can contaminate the products our customers trust under our lidding. 

With the introduction of new materials, production equipment, and printing technology, it is even more important that the company you trust to produce your packaging components is audited to verify compliance with the manufacturing, handling, and sanitation criteria that is proven to be effective in remaining safe. As a result, the Quality Management team at LMI works every day to identify and test process improvements to make sure we are always ready to serve our customers and their needs.