Ninth Annual Day of Caring Strengthens Team Building Skills and More


LMI held it's 9th Annual Day of Caring, which is a day for employees to come together and give back to their community.


On Friday, November 9, LMI Packaging Solutions held its Annual Day of Caring for the ninth year in a row. Every year, LMI takes one day off so that its employees can come together and spend the day learning about themselves, each other, and their community.

This year’s focus was on LMI’s internal community and culture. The first part of the day was at the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha, where employees worked on team building and inclusion. LMI brought in speaker, Sheronda Glass, who is the Director of Human Resources at University of Wisconsin – Parkside. Sheronda lead the group through two exercises that emphasized workplace inclusivity and culture. The main takeaways were not only bringing awareness to our own individual cultures but also how we unintentionally move through life with the help of unwanted labels.

After going through the exercises with Sheronda, employees split into small groups to participate in minute-to-win-it games and relay races. Teammates cheered each other on, coached each other, and never gave up even if they weren’t winning their round of games! The point of these games was to build teamwork skills and promote leadership within each individual.  

Following the activities and games, the LMI group headed over to Guttormsen Recreation Center for an afternoon of bowling. The afternoon was filled with food, awards and, of course, lots of bowling! The entire day proved to be successful and each LMI employee walked away with valuable skills to apply to their job and daily tasks.