Pleasant Prairie, WI- June 2, 2021- LMI Packaging is pleased to announce the winners of our 2020 Chester Sykes & Vince Incandela Award winners.

The Chester Sykes Award is named after LMI Packaging founder, Chester Sykes. Chester founded LMI in 1967 on the notion that he would create a company where people could be heard. This award goes to someone who demonstrates Chester’s values of Humility, No Filter, Curiosity, No Limits, Respect, and Giving Back. In addition to representing those values, this employee should be one that has demonstrated over the course of the year to work to enhance performance, advance the company, and be a change agent while coinciding with our corporate values: Integrity, Community, Courage, and Service. We are pleased to announce Mark Holmes as our 2020 Chester Sykes Award recipient.

Mark has been with LMI Packaging since summer of 2019, walking into a critical role in the business as CFO. From the minute Mark stepped into the LMI building, he put his head down and generated change. His work ethic and commitment to LMI Packaging is undeniable- Mark has brought so much experience, positive can-do attitude, and perspective to the business. As we grow to places we’ve never been before, Mark is and will continue to be critical to LMI’s success. Mark is the epitome of the LMI philosophy- he truly understands that when we are all winning and working together, we all grow together. Thank you, Mark, for being a role model to everyone at the company and for your work ethic which has brought LMI Packaging to new heights!

2020 Chester Sykes Award winner, Mark Holmes pictured with JP Moran.

The Vince Incandela Award is our Volunteer of the Year award. Giving back to our community through volunteer groups, nonprofit organizations, charity or other means does so much to help those in need and contributes to the common good. It also embodies the values that Vince Incandela instilled at LMI Packaging for 24 years. The impact Vince had not only on LMI employees as well as on the communities he was part of is unmeasurable. This award is a symbol of what he created and passed on to us as a company. His support for others to find their passion in the world of volunteerism was the reason this award was created. Congratulations are in order to Kim Lishamer as the recipient of the 2020 Vince Incandela Award.

Kim, our Director of Supply Chain, volunteers at Woof Gang Rescue based out of Racine, Wisconsin. Kim directs the intake of dogs in need of permanent families. She has fostered and found forever homes for over 30 dogs this past year! With unique events in our surrounding communities and a global pandemic, the importance of a pet has become extremely important. A connection to a pet can often be the lifeline for both pet and humans to maintain and/or increase self-happiness. The work Kim does to find these dogs homes is admirable as it requires the act to provide endless love and care and then let them go when a permanent family and connection is found. Thank you, Kim, for all of your hard work and continued dedication to these animals!

2020 Vince Incandela Award winner, Kim Lishamer pictured with Vince Incandela.