LMI Packaging offers a comprehensive and clear pathway to lidding and labeling solutions designed to meet the requirement of diverse products and packaging operations through a full suite of in-house services.

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Flexographic Printing Services

LMI Packaging prints using flexographic web formats to ensure compatibility with diverse products and packaging operations. Our state-of-the-art printing presses produce high-quality graphics at high speeds and are compatible with all lid and label formats. We offer in-house creative services to accommodate your product’s unique needs. Whether die cut, rollstock, or daisy chain, our lids and pressure-sensitive labels are a perfect fit for any packaging line operation.

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Bold and Accurate Die Cut Lids and Labels

We offer creative services and advanced plate making technology directly in our facility to decrease lead time and help you get your product to market. Our creative and engineering teams work together to design a final lid or label that doesn’t just meet your needs, it exceeds your expectations. Our state-of-the-art cutting presses and thorough quality control ensure your die-cut lids and labels are accurate, aligned properly, and will maintain the integrity of your product.

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In-House Creative Services Shorten Lead Times

Our in-house creative services team provides customers with complete design and pre-press support. From design creation to artwork conversion, layout approvals, and plate production, our team handles the whole process directly in our facility to keep your projects on schedule from concept to production. Our internal high-quality design and pre-press capabilities ensure shorter turn-around for all your packaging needs and will give you the advantage in bringing your new products to market.

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Engineering Expertise

Our packaging development includes an emphasis on engineering, research and development, and technical services to ensure your lid or label solution meets the unique requirements of your product. Our engineering and technical teams are experts on the wide-ranging differences in material properties and can recommend the most appropriate and compatible material for your specific product and operational needs. Our teams continuously work to qualify new materials, create unique packaging formats, and identify solutions to improve performance while reducing or eliminating disruption to your production.

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Reliable and Responsible Production

Our entire staff, from creative services to our engineering, technical, and operational teams are trained to identify issues throughout production. Beginning with pre-press checks, through engineering and testing, and finally, during production, our teams continually verify our lidding and labeling products are meeting our rigorous standards. We are Safe Food Quality (SQF) certified and proudly pass random inspections with excellent ratings. We take the safety and integrity of your products as seriously as we take our own and continually review our systems for improvement opportunities.

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LMI Packaging is your one-stop-shop for lidding and label solutions. Our teams will work with you, every step of the way, from concept to production. When you work with LMI, you will have access to our creative, engineering, technical, and operations teams to ensure your packaging solution meets the unique needs of your product and manufacturing system.

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