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At LMI Packaging, we continuously seek to find efficiencies, new technology, and better processes to provide the highest quality service, lidding, and label products on the market at the most competitive prices. Our drive for innovation allows us to serve diverse industries and create custom solutions that meet the packaging needs of even the most unique products. With over three generations of experience, we are able to identify key details and potential issues with packaging requirements and find the best solutions to optimize your product experience.

Food Packaging - LMI Packaging


With vast experience in the food industry, LMI Packaging works to provide optimized lidding and label solutions for a wide array of products including dairy like sour cream and yogurt, single-serve snacks, bottled products, sauces, dips, and more! Whether die cut, daisy chain, or rollstock formats, we customize lidding solutions to meet specific manufacturing line needs while providing best-in-market quality.

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Single serve Beverage Packaging- LMI Packaging


LMI Packaging understands the unique needs of beverage products – from protecting the integrity of the product to locking in freshness, we work to become experts in every beverage product we produce for, ensuring our lid and label solutions exceed expectations. As pioneers of die-cut lidding, we’ve revolutionized packaging solutions for brewable beverages like coffee and tea pods, and expanded our expertise to include pressure-sensitive labeling for wine & spirits and other bottled beverages.

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Pet Food Packaging - LMI Packaging


Whether it’s keeping wet food fresh for our best furry friends, or getting important label information on pet food packaging, partner with LMI to provide the best brand experience in the aisle. Our 24/7 operations, skilled engineering and technical teams, and creative departments are ready to boost your brand connectivity and give your customers the best packaging experience around.

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Health & Beauty Personal Care Packaging - LMI Packaging

Health & Beauty

At LMI Packaging, we understand how robust the personal care industry is and have developed our understanding and processes to meet its diverse and complex packaging needs. From jar seals to bottle labels and beyond, LMI Packaging is ready to work with you from concept through production to create the best lidding or label solution for your personal care product.

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Household Product Packaging - LMI Packaging


Household supplies cover a wide range of products that each have unique packaging requirements, specifications, and limitations. LMI Packaging works with trusted material suppliers to ensure our lids work for a variety of liquids, gels, powders, adhesives, cleaners, and more. Our engineering and technical teams are on hand, in-house, to work with you every step of the way, to ensure the very best lidding or label solution for your household product.

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