Die-Cut Lidding

LMI Packaging is setting the standard for flexible die-cut lidding. We continuously focus our research and development on process and product improvement to offer our clients custom solutions with the most advanced materials, coatings, adhesives, and printing techniques.

When you work with LMI Packaging, you have access to our experienced and talented engineering and technical teams who will work with you to find the right dimensions for your die-cut lid solution. We pre-cut product lids in various shapes and sizes using our advanced production equipment and round-the-clock operations teams. Our engineering and technical teams will work with you to understand your packaging dimensions and product requirements while our in-house creative services will optimize your branded assets to create impactful and quality die-cut lid solution, customized to your product.

Die-Cut Lidding Application

Die-cut lidding is generally compatible with high-speed filling and sealing packaging equipment and systems. These pre-cut lids are used most commonly with larger-diameter packaging containers across multiple industries like dairy, snacks, sauces, single-serve foods, creams, and brewable beverage pods.

We offer die-cut lid solutions in a wide variety of materials including variants on paper, plastic, and aluminum foils. From flexible metal-plastic laminate for thermal processing to foil lids for ultimate protection, LMI Packaging can create the ultimate packaging solution for your product.

We also offer rim embossed lidding. Embossing may be preferred for a number of reasons such as ensuring flatness, better lid separation on the filling line, or for aesthetic purposes. Rim embossing can help your lids stand out on shelves.

Die-cut lids can be applied on glass, polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), ceramic cups, and bottles to preserve a diverse array of products. Our die-cut lid solutions are easily peelable while providing ultimate protection making them both consumer-friendly and incredibly reliable.

Die-Cut Lid Materials

Die-Cut Foil Lids

Foil Lids

Made from aluminum with heat sealing lacquer or film, foil die-cut lids offer great flexibility in design and application. Foil lids are high barrier and easy to peel with enhanced customization opportunities like pin-dot and custom embossed logos or designs. Foil lids are a perfect fit for yogurt, milk, cheese, water, juice, beverages, coffee, cosmetics, and more.

Die Cut Plastic Lids

Plastic Lids

Made from materials like polyethylene terephthalate (PET), plastic die-cut lids can be embossed or unembossed with opaque, metalized, or transparent film. Non-transparent films offer improved graphic quality and color saturation. Plastic die-cut lids offer excellent resistance to punctures and tears, they are metal free for packaging systems that require metal-detecting systems, and are microwavable, making them extremely customer friendly.

Die Cut Paper Lids

Paper Lids

Made from paper-laminated aluminum and plastic film of varying thicknesses, paper lids have high sealing power, high print quality, are resistant to mechanical damage, and are very cost effective. Die-cut paper lids are perfect for products that require effective protection from external environments like snacks, yogurts, frozen goods, and more.

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