Customized Lid and Label Solutions for Personal Care

Lids and Labels are a customized extension of your packaging design that protects the integrity of your product while facilitating a positive customer experience. The health & beauty industry spans diverse products across several sectors including personal care, skincare, haircare, and more. Consumers use these products every day and depend on their reliability and safety. We know, that as a manufacturer of health & beauty goods, your company has put a lot of effort into creating products that enhance and enrich lives. As your lid and label partner, it is our goal to build on your brand story and protect the purity of your product to elevate your total customer experience.

Durable Materials and Sealants for Sensitive Products

Lid materials need to be durable enough to resist the oil, emollients, and moisture present in many personal care toiletries to maintain a reliable barrier. At LMI Packaging, we work with a diverse series of material suppliers to ensure that we can find the right solution for you. We use flexible equipment to accommodate diverse materials from paper and foil to variants on PP and PET plastics with specialized coating. We work with a diverse variety of sealants and adhesive formulations to find an effective solution that balances the protection of your product with its accessibility.

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Specialized Labels

Health & beauty labels have to hold up in many environments. From weathering a variety of environmental conditions such as the heat and humidity of showers to maintaining a strong bond despite exposure to oils and soaps, pressure-sensitive labels for personal care products require special engineering. When you work with LMI Packaging, you have access to our engineering and technical teams who are committed to finding solutions that will not tear, wrinkle, or smudge regardless of regular handling and fluctuating temperatures.

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No Wrinkles


No Smudges

Fresh Designs That Draw Attention

We understand that aesthetics play an important role in the lid and label solutions for many health & beauty products. The clarity, layout, and color choices are crucial in displaying a message the reflects the product inside and that stands out on the retail shelf. Using lids that tell your brand story and labels that share the right information while displaying beautiful artwork is crucial to drawing the attention of customers and encouraging them to purchase your product. At LMI Packaging, we offer an experienced in-house creative services team composed of color experts and advanced graphic designers ready to work with you on creating the perfect visual message.

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