Lids & Labels for Beverage Products

LMI Packaging has proudly been on the forefront of single-serve brewable beverage lidding technology and continues to set the market standard while options and product requirements grow. We understand the unique performance and quality concerns of the single-serve beverage market and work to meet these challenges head on. From changes in brewer technology to leveraging innovating sustainability options, our team works to understand your needs and market challenges.

Lids & Labels for Beverage Products - LMI Packaging

Single-Serve Cup Packaging to Lock In Freshness

When it comes to single-serve lidding, we have the experience to keep your customers happily brewing, day after day. Work with our in-house technical engineering team, take advantage of our material expertise, and let our graphic services department take your creative to the next level. We work with you to create a lidding solution to keep coffees, teas, and other beverages at their best so they brew perfectly, every time. We believe in the integrity of your beverage as much as you do and have spent decades fine-tuning lidding shapes, materials, printing techniques, manufacturing processes, and sealant applications to create a smooth customer experience with every cup.

Pressure Sensitive Labels for Single-Serve Beverages

Whether you’re introducing a new beverage to the market or you’re looking for a strong packaging partner for your existing product, LMI Packaging has a solution to meet your needs. We recognize the importance of standing out on the shelf, drawing the eye of consumers, and delivering a clear and compelling marketing message. Work with our engineering team to find materials suitable for your needs. From plastics that stand up to heat and sealants that handle the cold, our pressure-sensitive labels are an outstanding solution for a number of products. Our 100% customizable, full-color, pressure-sensitive labels are die-cut to meet the demands of your product’s shape and material to create positive consumer interactions with your product. Work with our team to create beautiful pressure-sensitive labels for:

Pressure Sensitive Labels for Glass
Pressure Sensitive Labels for Plastic
Pressure Sensitive Labels for Aluminum
Pressure Sensitive Labels for PET

Easily Accessible In-House Services

At LMI Packaging, we believe in developing and executing solutions, end-to-end, in-house so you can participate in every step of the process. When you work with LMI to create a lid or label solution for your beverage product, you’ll work with our engineering team to develop a packaging solution custom designed to meet your product needs. You’ll also have access to our vetted creative services staff to amplify your brand message and take your product experience to the next level. Once your lid or label solution hits the floor, our expert manufacturing team continually tests for quality and integrity. We’ll work with you and your manufacturing system to create a solution that gets your product from filling to shipment as efficiently as possible.

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