Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are one of the most sought-after packaging solutions on the market because of their wide range of applications. These labels are composed of three layers – the facestock, the adhesive, and the liner.

The facestock is the main portion of the label where ink is applied. It is possible to add a laminate or topcoat to protect the label from external damage.

The adhesive is the layer that makes the label stick to a surface which can take advantage of special formulas for unique application conditions like hot, cold, or damp environments.

The liner is the paper or film that forms the backing to the label – it is specially coated to make it possible to remove the label for product application regardless of the adhesive.

From food and beverage to household cleaners and beauty products, pressure sensitive labels are a perfect solution for almost any product.

Pressure-Sensitive Labels - LMI Packaging

Pressure Sensitive Label Applications

Pressure sensitive labels can be applied with light pressure and can stick to almost any surface or container. Incredibly versatile, these labels can be printed on papers, films, and foils and can be applied by hand or machine making them suitable for large and small businesses alike. Their structural flexibility makes them perfect for all container shapes, whether contoured or flat surface. Pressure sensitive labels can be used on almost any container material including variants on glass, plastics, metal, and wood.

Flexible Printing Options

Our state-of-the-art flexographic printing capabilities allow LMI Packaging to produce cost-effective short runs and easy inventory management for larger orders of both die cut and rollstock pressure sensitive label formats. We leverage our advanced capabilities to create a vast range of designs and graphics that make a lasting impression. Using diverse materials allows for incredible flexibility in design detail, color saturation, and text definition making pressure sensitive labels a perfect way to display your message and your brand.

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Custom Label Solutions that Work

When you work with LMI Packaging, you’ll have direct access to our creative, engineering, technical, and operational departments. Our creative team will work with your assets and develop new artwork to create a strong impression for your brand while relaying the most important information about your product. Our engineering and technical teams will work with you to find an effective solution that meets the specific needs of your product and packaging to optimize your consumer experience. Finally, our operations team maintains the highest level of quality review during production to ensure every label exceeds your expectations.

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Pressure sensitive labels can be used on virtually any product to enhance your brand story and help your product stand out on the shelf. When you partner with LMI Packaging to engineer a custom pressure sensitive label for your product, you benefit from years of cross-industry experience. Whether food & beverage, pet food, personal care, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, or industrial products, our engineering and creative teams are ready to work with you on a customized solution today! Use the form below to tell us more about your product and one of our team members will follow up!