Customized Food Lid and Label Solutions

At LMI Packaging, we understand that our success is based on our ability to thoroughly understand your unique operations to provide effective solutions that meet not only the requirements of your product, but of your manufacturing and packaging lines as well. Our goal is to help maximize productivity by qualifying industry leading materials and providing exceptional on-going service for our custom food lid and label solutions. We continue to research new materials and suggest ways to reduce costs as well as carbon footprints. Our job and our goal is to provide the consultative knowledge for your current product needs and just as importantly, assist in solving your future needs.

On the Cutting Edge of Single-Serve Lidding

In the ever-changing and ever-growing market for single-serve packages, we have set ourselves apart as a highly-experienced manufacturer of lidding for yogurt, sour cream, sauces, and dips. At LMI Packaging, we know you’ve meticulously built your processes to ensure the food you produce is made safely and to optimize taste, texture, freshness, and overall quality. We take the same care and effort to create lid solutions that perform, time and time again, to maintain the integrity and safety of your product and seamlessly integrate with the container material of your choosing.

Advanced Materials Maintain Integrity

With over 50 years in the industry, we’ve learned a great deal about the packaging demands of condiments, dairy, snacks, sauces, dips, spreads, and dressings. Our unique supplier partnerships allow us to develop custom solutions designed to keep your products fresh. We work to understand the various viscosity, acidity levels, and temperature and storage needs of foods to innovate reliable solutions that meet the demands of the most complex products.

On top of conventional paper/composite lidding, we offer opaque and clear PET plastic lidding that is not only durable, but holds ink well and offers incredible shelf appeal. Our foil lid options are versatile and offer a wide range of applications and styles to accommodate a number of food products. With our die-cut, daisy chain, and rollstock lidding options, we offer solutions that seal perfectly and are durable enough to last from packaging to delivery to your customers’ hands.

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Opaque and clear PET plastic lidding - LMI Packaging

Improving Consumer Experience

As a major player in lidding supplies for the snack food industry, we recognize that packaging trends are driven by the goal of improving consumer experience with your food product. At LMI Packaging, we believe that choosing the right lidding material and sealing solution can have a significant impact on the overall performance of your snack packaging. We focus on maintaining freshness while making your product easily accessible. We work with you to ensure your customers come to appreciate the reliable quality of your product without struggling to open it.

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Label Solutions That Stand Out

As the market is continually saturated with more food products, it is more important than ever to stand out among the crowd. When you partner with LMI Packaging, you have access to our state-of-the-art pressure-sensitive label making capabilities. Our advanced equipment allows us to utilize quick-turn, custom dies to accommodate the most creative shapes, allowing you to make your mark. Our deep understanding of adhesives and films, combined with our printing presses capable of working with a wide variety of materials, allow us to find a label solution that meets the demand of your product and packaging. We offer label solutions that work for a number of surfaces like glass, plastic, metal, or ceramic with wide-ranging material offerings that can withstand heat, cold, and moisture. Partner with LMI Packaging to create the most durable and impactful label that stands out on the shelf.

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LMI Packaging Sets the Standard for Quality and Compliance

With LMI Packaging, you’ll work with a team of food packaging experts dedicated to doing more than producing the highest quality lidding, we also focus on providing genuine innovation in materials and lidding performance. We proudly offer unmatched in-house creative, engineering, and technical services to create total solutions, from start to finish, that meet your application and production needs.

LMI Packaging is SQF certified to the food safety and quality code, and we actively work, every day, to maintain these standards. At our facility, quality is the responsibility of our entire team.

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