Pet Food Lidding Solutions That Meet Strict Requirements

The pet food industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years in regard to market demand for single-serve pet food containers and the humanization and premiumization of this industry. Consumers who purchase premium products expect a premium “people food” experience. The demand and inclusion of new fresh and wet pet foods has led to a greater need for sterile retort packaging made from materials capable of keeping perishable foods safe for our furry companions. In order to ensure a long shelf life, wet pet food must be processed in the packaging at a high temperature and pressure. Pet Food lidding must withstand these processing conditions and provide a hermetic seal all while maintaining the aesthetics of the printed graphics. Plus, the interaction of the ink and the lid substrate is critical – at LMI, we understand the complexities of ensuring that your packaging and brand stands up to the rigorous packing process in your production facilities and have the necessary printing state of the art equipment, plus in house lab testing, in place to take your brand to market.

Advanced Lid Solutions for Perishable Pet Food

Our unique partnerships with material suppliers allow LMI Packaging to create a wide range of solutions to accommodate varying styles of pet food. We strategically develop lid solutions to optimize packaging processes for fully-cooked, thermo-stabilized, high-caloric meals. Leveraging our advanced lidding technology, these single-serve convenience packages can be eaten by the pet with on the go involved pet owners as they adventure. Our lid solutions ensure fresh and single-serve pet foods can be stored safely and effectively while maintaining the shelf integrity of the product.

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Pet Food Labels That Make a Lasting Impression

As the pet food aisles expand to accommodate refrigerator units for fresh options and packaged wet food for cats and dogs, the demand for eye-catching packaging that makes a statement has become more important than ever. At LMI Packaging, we offer pressure-sensitive label solutions for packaging substrate materials of all forms including plastic, metal, and glass. Work with our in-house graphics team to take advantage of our library of industry-standard die cuts or create custom die cuts as unique as your message. Our color-matching experts will work with you to get the most out of your design, while upholding your brand standards and customizing a message that speaks resoundingly to your customers. From pouch labels to can wraps, you can partner with LMI Packaging to find the right pressure-sensitive label solution for you.

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Bringing New Products to Market

As the market for pet food options continues to grow, finding a lidding and label supplier that understands the performance and quality concerns your industry can be a challenge. From changes in food preparation and packaging technology to demands for sustainable packaging options, our team works to understand your needs and market challenges. With in-house technical engineering, material expertise, and graphic services we are ready to deliver lids and labels that you can trust for your pet food products.

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