Daisy Chain Lidding

Daisy chain lidding is a series of lids connected in a single, continuous line. The lids are connected end-to-end by tabs form a chain, much like its namesake. LMI Packaging has been on the forefront of daisy chain lidding solutions for a number of years and continues to focus on process and product improvement. Our engineering, technical, and creative teams will work with you to understand the unique needs of your product and manufacturing process to curate a customized solution that optimizes your product, packaging, and brand.

Daisy Chain Lidding

Daisy Chain Lidding Application

Daisy chain lids are generally used in high speed filling and sealing packaging machines for smaller diameter containers. The rolls of daisy chain lids are unrolled on a packaging machine and then sealed to the container after which, they are separated by a single cut. Daisy chain lids are a great fit for products like coffee creamers, sandwich spreads, single-serve dressings, dips, sauces, and condiments.

LMI Packaging daisy chain lid solutions offer a wide range of lid sizes and diameters in varying thicknesses.  Our differing daisy chain styles cover a series of lid and tab shapes to accommodate different styles of packaging cups.

Daisy Chain Lidding Materials

Our custom daisy chain lid solutions come in a wide variety of materials including variants on plastics like polyethylene terephthalate (PET), paper, and foil. Our enhanced PET structure improves manufacturing efficiencies by increasing production speeds and reducing waste associated with the set-up process. Our plastic and paper daisy chain lidding solutions are perfect for our clients who need to utilize metal detection in their packaging and production processes.

While daisy chain lidding solutions offer production efficiencies for packaging processes, they also offer superior sealing, puncture resistance, food safety, and enhanced printability. Plastics and paper allow for greater graphic definition and color saturation while foil solutions provide further customization like enhanced embossing.

DaisyChain_Checkmark Superior Sealing

DaisyChain_Checkmark Puncture Resistance

DaisyChain_Checkmark Food Safety

DaisyChain_Checkmark Enhanced Printability

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