Brand Connectivity

At LMI Packaging, our lidding solutions are more than an effective way to keep your product fresh, they are an extension of your brand. As the last touchpoint between your consumer and your product, the lid you use directly connects your brand message to your audience. LMI Packaging has set the standard for brand connectivity in the industry by offering an in-house creative team that seamlessly integrates with your creative services to design the perfect branded experience for your product. Your brand is your identity and your product is your integrity – it’s time to pair with a partner you can trust to handle the unique needs of both.

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Exceptional Materials

LMI Packaging offers a wide array of lidding materials to accommodate diverse and unique product needs. Whether your product requires variations on standard foil, film, or paper material combinations for plastic or metal containers, LMI Packaging has the flexibility and capability to provide the most effective solutions.

Our lidding products are printed using advanced flexographic printing processes and are available in die-cut, daisy chain, and rollstock formats. From creative services, to engineering and technical support, our teams roadmap appropriately from concept to creation to ensure your final lidding product not only meets the unique needs of your brand, it exceeds expectations every time.

Custom Lidding Solutions

Die-Cut Lidding Solutions

Die-Cut Lidding Solutions

Our die-cut lidding solutions offer the best pre-cut lids on the market. LMI Packaging’s in-house plate-making capabilities ensure we can design and cut lids to match any size of container. We also offer rim embossing. Our team of dedicated operators, die cutters, and printers all go through extensive training and participate in rigorous quality assurance practices to ensure our pre-cut lids are accurately printed and cut every time.

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Daisy Chain Lidding Solutions

Daisy Chain Lidding Solutions

LMI Packaging offers daisy chain lidding solutions for high-speed fill and seal packaging lines. These lids are connected by their tabs to create a single, continuous row that can be cut in the tab area after application. Printed, cut, and rolled in house, our daisy chain lidding solutions are effective for a wide range of packaging machines.

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Rollstock Lidding Solutions

Rollstock Lidding Solutions

We also offer high-quality rollstock lidding produced in a web format on wound rolls to be cut on packaging machinery. LMI Packaging is capable of producing rollstock lidding solutions in a number of widths and roll diameters to accommodate a wide variety of product needs, both printed and non-printed.

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Meeting the Needs of Diverse Industries

Our 24/7 manufacturing facility, team of dedicated operators, and flexible lidding materials offer a clear pathway for the effective production of lidding products that meet the diverse needs of a wealth of markets including:

Beverage lidding


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Health 8 Beauty Lids and Labels
Health & Beauty

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Household Products Lids and Labels

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We know that your packaging needs are as unique as your products. At LMI, we work as a team to identify the perfect lidding solution for all our clients. From product handling to packaging manufacturing lines, we have expertise at all levels of our production to find the best solution for you. Use the following form to tell us more about your product.