Lids and Labels for Household Products

LMI Packaging couples advanced technology with hands-on engineering and creative teams to customize a wide array of lidding and label solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of household products. From withstanding tough environmental conditions to demanding specifications, LMI Packaging has the engineering, research and development, and advanced production capabilities to develop a standout solution for your household product.

Durable Label Solutions for Demanding Use

Household products like cleaners and solvents, DIY materials, paints, and even chemicals need to withstand diverse environments and exposure to damage. Whether stored in damp basements, under leaky sinks, or in the garage, labels and lids for household products require special attention. In order to display brand and product information effectively, these labels and lids need to be as durable and reliable as their packaging containers. When you work with LMI Packaging to create a custom pressure-sensitive label for your household product, you get access to our entire team of engineers that work directly with our trusted material suppliers to find label materials and sealants capable of withstanding the rigors of your product’s environment.

With thorough, hands-on, quality testing, our engineering and technical teams will evaluate the viability of your pressure-sensitive label solution to ensure it lasts through the entire life cycle of your product.

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Creative Solutions That Make an Impact

Lids and labels serve as an extension of your branding. From color choice and graphics to displaying important information, our creative services team has the experience to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and function. Work with our in-house design team to engineer optimized layouts that clearly display information like instructions for product use, ingredients, and important warnings to enhance their visibility while incorporating your key brand elements. Our design team has robust experience in color matching to ensure you get the most out of lid or label design.

Product Instruction Labels - LMI Packaging
Product Instructions
Product Ingredients Labels - LMI Packaging
Product Ingredients
Product Warning Labels - LMI Packaging
Important Warnings

Create the Ultimate Brand Experience

Work with our engineering and creative teams to access our extensive library of industry standard die-cuts for lids and labels or explore custom options for your product. Whether using an existing die-cut or developing a new shape, our state-of-the-art printing presses will provide sharp, full-color lids and labels that clearly and boldly display your product information. At LMI Packaging, we are dedicated to building a better brand experience for your product, from creating more accessible and safe packaging for industrial products, to designing and manufacturing eye-catching and durable labels that last.

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