Pleasant Prairie, WI – January 18, 2024 – LMI Packaging is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2023 Chester Sykes, Vince Incandela, & Jean Moran Awards.

2023 Chester Sykes Award

The Chester Sykes Award, our Employee of the Year award, is presented to an employee who exhibits the Core Values of: Humility, Curiosity, No Limits, Respect, and Giving Back that our founder, Chester Sykes, instilled when he founded LMI Packaging over 55 years ago. Sykes made it his goal to make sure every employee felt heard, and valued, and that LMI was a place to grow with one another. Growing together is one of our key focuses here at LMI, and this employee truly cares about all voices within the company being heard and supporting the LMI team. LMI Packaging is proud to announce the recipient of our 2023 Chester Sykes Award, our Employee of the Year, Alex Hannan-Fernandez!

Alex Hannan-Fernandez, one of our Die-Cut Operators, works extremely hard every day. She never misses a day, has great productivity with high quality, is an excellent trainer, and always has a great attitude being upbeat, positive, smiling, and helpful. Her professionalism provides an excellent example for all other die-cut operators.  We are very fortunate to have Alex at LMI!

2023 Vince Incandela Award

The Vince Incandela Award, our Volunteer of the Year award, captures what community means here at LMI and honors Incandela’s passion and devotion to volunteerism. Vince Incandela served LMI for 24 years as our VP of Operations and as a leader in voicing the importance of volunteerism and the impact it has on life. Incandela set forth a goal to inspire others to find their passion in the world of volunteerism ultimately showing how important giving back is and that it is an immeasurable experience. This employee demonstrates Incandela’s passion for volunteerism and shares in his drive to inspire others to be a light and change in the community through charitable acts. LMI Packaging is proud to announce the recipient of our 2023 Vince Incandela Award, our Volunteer of the Year, Marcia Schlagenhaft!

Marcia Schlagenhaft, our HR Manager, works daily to achieve a better workplace that provides fresh fruit to employees, college courses for free, and training in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and finance. She has been the primary lead for the Week of Caring and is always looking for ways to contribute to LMI’s culture and environment. Whether she’s organizing various drives, or simply lending a helping hand, Marcia is truly the face of selflessness!

2023 Jean Moran Award

The Jean Moran Award is presented to an employee who best exemplifies inspirational and motivational leadership on the LMI team. Jean Moran served as the second-generation CEO of LMI Packaging with devotion, passion, and leadership. “She is an excellent motivational speaker who makes you feel as though you can achieve anything”, said an employee who has been with LMI for 20+ years. This award encompasses the motivational guidance and outstanding leadership that Jean Moran instilled at LMI and represents her caring for others to dream and succeed. LMI Packaging is proud to announce the recipient of the inaugural 2023 Jean Moran Award, our Leader of the Year, Cassie McNitt!

Cassie McNitt, our Accounting Manager, is an outstanding leader. She has stepped up in multiple different areas of the business this year and does it with positivity, courage, and kindness. If you go to Cassie with any situation or task, she always jumps in to help with a smile on her face! She works hard every day for the betterment of the organization! You can truly tell how much she loves LMI and our team. Cassie also has excellent communication – she does an amazing job communicating with all departments and with her team. The things she does every day to keep things moving smoothly!

Pictured Left to Right:

Front: Marcia Schlagenhaft and Alex Hannan-Fernandez

Back: JP Moran, Mark Holmes, and Cassie McNitt