LMI Participates in Laps for Literacy

LMI Participating in 2017 Laps for Literacy Fundraiser

Several members from LMI participated in the 2017 Laps for Literacy fundraiser, a 5K run/walk for the Kenosha Literacy Council.


LMI is built upon four key pillars - community, courage, integrity, and servant leadership - and we encourage each member of our team to commit to their daily practice.  The annual Laps for Literacy event is an excellent example of our team living our four key pillars. 

The Kenosha Literacy Council is a non-profit organization that utilizes over 200 volunteers to teach over 500 adult learners in the Kenosha area to read, write, and speak English. In addition, they also provide local, state, and federal civic education classes. At LMI, we believe in the mission of the Kenosha Literacy Council and are proud to support their efforts.