Press Release: Jean Moran Announces Her Retirement

Jean Moran, CEO LMI Packaging Solutions Retires

Pleasant Prairie-based LMI Packaging, Inc. has announced that Jean Moran will be retiring as President/CEO effective May 1st, 2017. Moran has held the position since 1985 after having joined the company in 1979. Jean’s son, JP Moran, who has served as General Manager since January, 2014, will be assuming the President position.


LMI was founded by Jean Moran’s father, Chester Sykes, in 1967. The original location was in Chicago, with a subsequent move to Franklin Park, IL. The company was permanently relocated to Pleasant Prairie, WI in 1994. LMI is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

“I’m so proud of our team,” Moran said. “What has mattered most to me is that whoever walks out the doors of LMI Packaging is better for having had the experience of working there. That’s the way my father felt too. He wanted his employees to feel they had a voice and that it was being heard.”

LMI, which was originally named Label Makers, supplies single-serve lidding to the consumer goods packaging market. Their product can typically be found on such common consumer products as yogurt, coffee, salad dressings, and children’s snacks. While the lidding can be supplied in several forms, they are recognized as having a special expertise in die-cut lidding.

“So much has changed since I started. Walmart really reshaped the entire marketplace around consumer packaged goods. Cost structure and efficiencies became so much more important.” Moran also mentioned food safety as another significant industry improvement. “Whether it was in plant ventilation, how materials were stored, or the operation of the manufacturing line, everything was much less regulated. We were government approved, but that didn’t mean then what it means today.”

Since moving the company north from Illinois, Jean has become a fixture in the Kenosha community, serving in multiple capacities for numerous organizations. She has been a member of the Kenosha Area Business Association Board (KABA), also serving as Board Chairman during her tenure. She also served on the Board for Solidarity Bridge, which trains and equips the medical communities of Bolivia and Paraguay. “That was an amazing experience,” said Moran. “It allowed me to travel to Bolivia with my daughter and to see people who had nothing, and yet had everything. The experience was life changing.”

In 2015 Jean received the Milwaukee Business Journal’s “Women of Influence Award for Family Business.”

Jean’s retirement from LMI does not mean she is heading toward a rocking chair any time soon. She plans to continue her involvement in the Kenosha community. “Now I get to work on Building Our Future, the program wherein we are bringing all sectors of our community together to help ensure the cradle to career success of all our children. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

As to succession at LMI, Moran plans to remain as Chairman of the Board of the company’s parent, TheChet. Her three children will remain as owners of the company with son JP at the helm. Of his mother, JP Moran says “I’ve watched my mother achieve much success at both LMI Packaging and in our community. The company was practically her fourth child. As a leader, she’s motivated and inspired many people and continues to do so every single day. I’m excited to see her take this next step in her journey simply because she’s earned it. I’m proud of her.”

As for his own new role, JP feels nothing will really change. “It’s clear to me that our results are achieved, without question, by the people who come to work every day, work hard, and are committed to the success of their co-workers and LMI Packaging. Our people are the foundation of who we are and what we stand for.”