2017 Vince Incandela Award Won by Rosie Samano

Rosie Samano

Rosie Samano won the Vince Incandela award for her commitment to her local communities.


The Vince Incandela award is given to an employee who demonstrates a high level of care and support to their community by providing their time and resources. This award was inspired by Vince’s long-lasting impact on LMI Packaging and our local community. Vince spearheaded LMI’s community involvement programs and sat on numerous not for profit boards, including President of the Literacy Council. Vince was also instrumental in developing and leading LMI’s Annual Day of Caring where the company shuts down for one day to focus on employee growth and the growth of our community.

For 2017, the winner of this award was Rosie Samano.

Rosie has spent numerous hours volunteering her time to various causes and community centers. Some of these things include making lunches twice a month at Victory Chicago, volunteering her time to the local ELCA Outreach Center, selling tacos at the Oasis of Blessing every month, donating food and clothing for the Victory Home in Texas, and volunteering at the Shalom Center food pantry in Kenosha. She is also part of the Community Team at LMI. This team coordinates community events for all LMI employees to partake in. Being active in the community is especially important to LMI as it is one of their four key pillars, and Rosie is an excellent example of how involved LMI strives to be in it’s community.

“Volunteering is a reminder for myself that we all need each other and we need to help each other out…I know that we as a company help out the community, and for me to do community work outside of work is even better. I love to volunteer,” said Rosie on her commitment to volunteering.

Congratulations Rosie, LMI appreciates all of your community efforts!