Dan Yakhnis wins 2017 Chester Sykes Award

Dan Yahknis

LMI Packaging employee, Dan Yakhnis, won the 2017 Chester Sykes award.


On February 16, Dan Yakhnis won the employee nominated Chester Sykes award for his hard work and commitment in 2017. The Chester Sykes award was inspired by LMI Packaging Solutions founder, Chester Sykes, who wanted to create a company where people could be heard. Chester had six Core Values that he lived by- Humility, No Filter, Curiosity, No Limits, Respect, and Giving Back, all of which Dan upholds and demonstrates every day.

In addition to upholding Chester’s values, Dan also demonstrated over the course of the year that he worked to enhance, advance, and change behaviors of our key results: Safety, Quality, Growth, and Cost Control. He did this all while supporting LMI’s four key pillars of Community, Courage, Integrity, and Servant Leadership.

“He calms employee concerns and does his best to assist his co-workers. He follows through on his commitment to not only deadlines, but also to those employees who confide in him,” said Erika Ryglowski, Dan’s supervisor.

How does Dan stay motivated at work?

“I get a lot of support from everybody and it’s nice to be recognized every day,” he said.

Congratulations to Dan and keep up the good work!